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NEW PROJECT - a 4-6-0 "Ten-Wheeler / BOILER TUBE" / 2005-05-07, drawing added 2005-05-16

Drawings of the Hv3, by Tapio Keränen, Finland / 2005-05-30

Track work & milling wheel patterns / 2005-06-10

A comparison between the 3003, the 666 and the Hv3, all in the same scale! / 2005-06-10

Switch bulding / Updated 2005-06-19

Drawings: Coal-fired boiler & "Space Mission" loco transporter / 2005-06-26

BAD LUCK! The boiler project backfired... / 2005-08-08

CAD work - A couple of screenshots / updated 2005-10-26

Laser stuff / 2006-03-30, updated 2006-05-16

TIG, TIG, TIG / 2006-06-06

Hundreds of rivets - all fake! / 2006-06-22

Slow progress... / 2006-08-01, updated 2006-08-11

Steam Day in Hyvinge / 2006-08-13

Boiler welding, i.e. more TIG / 2006-06-08 Updated with X-ray 2006-08-16, tubes & stay bolts 2006-09-06, updated with hydro test 2006-11-19

The cylinders / 2006-11-19, updated 2006-12-01

Passenger cars / 2007-06-06, updated 2007-07-24

If you wonder why I haven't updated these pages in a long time, there are two reasons:

1 - I've been busy making animation and special effects for movies - jobs I get paid for...

2 - I am currently a contributor to Live Steam Magazine, and the editor prefers to publish materials that haven't previously been seen on the web. For this reason, the newest developments will first be published in the magazine. You are a subsciber, aren't you? ;-)

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