The cylinders

A few of the parts for a cylinder, turned and milled to size.

A tentative assembly.

The exhaust piping assembly is phos-copper soldered. This prevented it from falling apart when silver soldering the rest of the cylinder with silver solder.

The (almost) complete cylinders. Note the snifting valves on top of the valve cylinders.

I also honed the main and valve cylinders, using inexpensive hones bougt at an auto supply store. They are rotated with a hand-held electric drill, and provide a smooth finish. In this picture, which shows the inside of one of the valve cylinders, you see the large steam inlet at left, then further away the six oval steam ports, and on the far edge, the exhaust opening.

Update 2006-12-01

The valve crossheads

Finally, all the parts for the Walschaerts are in place - and working...

The loco at this stage - a lot still to be done, for instance, getting the steam into the cylinders - I'll have to drill some holes in the smoke box!