Laser stuff

I just got some of the laser-cut parts for the frame, and using a wooden mallet, in only 15 minutes I had it temporarily assembled to get an idea of the size of the thing:

As you can see, my 2 meter (approx. 7 ft.) workbench and track simply aren't long enough...

Here are a few detail shots:

The back of the loco. You can clearly see the tabbed construction here. Of course, I will attach all the pieces to one another when I'm satisfied everything fits as it should. I'll mostly use TIG welding, except where parts need to be removable...

Each axle box is made from two pieces of 3 mm laser-cut plate, with a middle part of 10 mm waterjet-cut steel that is bored to exaxt dimension in order to hold the ball bearing. The loco's equalisation levers will be attached to the protruding tabs.

The axle box inside its waterjet-cut horn block. Since the horn block is also made of 10 mm steel, the axle box is assembled with washer spacers to provide the necessary sidewise "slop".

The Walschaert link on the valve motion bearer. The edges of the two 3 mm plates will be welded together to provide one, stiff 6 mm plate. Also note the steel-bronze-teflon bearing bushings used in the link and bearer. Cheap and maintenance-free, they need no oil!

Added 2006-05-16:

Getting some more parts from the "cuttery", I've now put together the front truck.

For the first time all wheels are attached to the loco frame!