Perspective correction of snapshot

As you've seen on the intro page, I have a nice snapshot of the Museum's 1:10 scale model. This picture serves me well as a guide when building, together with the copies of the 1875 drawings I've been able to procure.

However, the original photo was shot in an oblique angle, for an obvious reason: the model is in a plexiglass enclosure, which precluded me from shooting it "straight on" - I would have got quite some reflection of the camera's flash! (Even now visible in the eclosure's corners.)

This picture (unretouched above) is not the very best for construction purposes, but what to do?

Photo retouching to the rescue again! By using the distorting filter a couple of times, I was able to stretch the picture so that all the wheels are circles, a good indication that the perspective correction is OK. As you saw in the picture of my workshop, I also printed this to the correct 1:8 scale, so I have a HUGE inspirational photo to look at while fiddling with all those parts...

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