How shall I design the track?

Our 1700 sq. meter lot in Hango, approx 100 x 200 ft in size.

The track curve radius would have to be around 20 ft for this layout. This should be possible with a small 4-4-0 in 7 1/4 gauge - has anybody got any experience with curves this tight? For obvious reasons, I wouldn't want to put tracks into the gravel front yard or in the garden - there are other family members in this house, too...

Any suggestions for a better layout?

The 5 to 6% grade up to the storage may prove troublesome to run on. Also, the storage is NOT heated, so there may be problems with corrosion during winter. Any ideas how to overcome that?

Southern Finland is at the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska, so you can imagine how the yard looks like in winter - up to 3 ft of snow on everything...

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