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This is Albert, a little worm, star of the first proper animated movie I made - and since "mato" is
the finnish word for "worm", the name of my animation outfit and this website is ANI-MATO!

That first movie, made in 1970-1974, contains some 7000 drawings,
all hand-drawn, traced and painted onto "cels".
Nowadays, I make all my animation with the aid of computers,
even though I still draw the characters by hand - "Disney style".

Here you can watch that very first cartoon of mine:

... and here's a short documentary, showing how I made that film:

... and, another documentary showing many different techniques for making animation:


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A tribute to Frank Thomas (1912 - 2004)

In Memoriam: Ollie Johnston (1912 - 2008)

The three laws of "Cartoonics" (with apologies to the late Dr. Isaac Asimov):
1. A cartoon character must always harm another cartoon character, and must not, through inaction, allow another cartoon character to escape unharmed.
2. A cartoon character must obey the orders given to it by another cartoon character only when such orders are given hypnotically.
3. A cartoon character must protect its own existence, as long as such protection does not conflict with the whims of the animator. (Ain't I a stinker?)

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