What's in a name? A number?

  Why "666"?
  Well, there are four reasons / explanations:


To see the technique I used to make number and builder's plates, check this page. (Please note that the 3M "i.n.t." material mentioned on that page now carries the brand name "Dynamark".)

J. Saloranta made his own plates by hot-transferring (i.e. ironing) the black toner from a mirror-image xerox copy onto the metal before etching. I haven't tried this myself, but it worked for him! Maybe I should try that technique, which seems so much easier...

... a date?

0-6-0 "exploded":

I have now removed the cab, running boards, buffer beams, boiler and side tanks from the loco in order to attach drain cock levers, water pumps and brake cylinder tubing.

So, here's an "exploded view" of "Little Beast", in honor of this page's date, April 1st...

Since this is a little joke (lame, but a joke anyway), please withhold any comments from the livesteamers and modeleng lists until tomorrow, thanks! ;-)

I have turned the loco chassis over for access - I can't help but to think of a helpless turtle, seeing the loco like this:

It's getting cramped in there, on the underside, with all the brake rigging and equalisation levers. The leaf springs are faked - made of cast iron. The *real* springing is by coil springs hidden inside the axle boxes...

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