This Baldwin Ten-wheeler, a soft coal burning 24 1/2 D class engine is very similar to the 3003, and was built for the Evansville, Hendersonville and Nashville RR in May 1870.

Note the similarities: Straight boiler (not wagon-top), 2 steam domes at each end, with sand dome in the middle, crosshead water pump and injector (only placed a little differently due to wheel arrangement), similar wheel counterweights and almost the same livery. The differences are mainly in the diamond-type stack (3003 was a wood-burner) and in the tender trucks - these look sturdier than the 3003's. The cowcatcher is also different - here wooden (?) while the 3003's was made from round wrought iron bars.

I cannot quite read the number on the builder's plate, but I guess it's in the 2200's. Can any of you find any details of this engine, or similar Baldwins? If you have any photos (old, i.e. in the public domain, as this factory photo), email them to me and I'll publish them here!

This woodcut was found in an old 1880s catalog, and sent to me by a netfriend in New Zealand. Thanks, Tom!

This looks very Baldwin to me - almost exactly like the 3003! The stack is a bit different, but maybe this is a coal-burner? The front truck wheels are spoked, another slight difference.

This Canadian stamp shows the "Countess of Dufferin" engine, preserved in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It seems to be a sister engine of the 3003, very similar indeed.

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