Powerful pokers!

After many experiments, I finally got the pokers working satisfactorily. 500 mm (20") long, it was hard to get them to burn evenly over the entire length. But, one experiment, where I had the stainless mesh attached on annular washers around the slotted tube, pointed the way - compartmentalization! The washers divide each poker into 4 zones, which burn more evenly than an "unbroken", long row of slits. The top poker has the stainless netting already attached.

This is how it looks on full power (around 6 kilowatts)... This time, I chose a heavier, but tighter mesh, made of 0.35 mm wire. The veil-like 0.04 mm I tried earlier became very fragile after glowing yellow-orange for half an hour or so...

Why waste the piezo-electric ignition from the blowlamps? I installed the ceramic holder in a brass fitting, and bent the spark wire so that it ignites the gas at the first slit.

The burner valves attached to the gas manifold...

... and the whole kaboodle installed in the cab. The gas hose from the tender to the loco makes a gentle loop upwards, giving enough flexibility to avoid any strain due to angular and sidewise movement during running.

But, the gas line from the manifold to the center poker has such a tight bend that the rubber gas hose couldn't take it without collapsing... What to do? The space is very tight, with the drawbar right underneath... Solution: keep the hose open despite the kink - by inserting a metal spring inside the hose!

Note the gas pressure regulator, manometer and emergency shut-off on the tender floor.

I've also made two manual lubricators, already attached to the cab front wall. The cups are filled with oil, and the valves opened while coasting - the oil will be sucked into the steam chests.

Close this window when you are ready...

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