A very productive weekend...

On Friday, June 14th, I loaded the car full of railstuff - my unfinished loco, over 100 kilograms of hot rolled iron, and all kinds of other things, and drove 140 km to spend a weekend in Hango.

After two intensive days in the workshop of my neigbour (my own workshop is in Helsinki, but I'm allowed to use his when I'm there - and I've stocked it with quite a few of my own tools...), I have produced about 40 meters of track, enough to test my 3003 loco in function.

But how, since I don't yet have a functioning boiler? Well, I do have an air compressor, deposited in my neighbour's workshop. So, since I had a flatcar finished (apart from some detail work), why not take the compressor (actually, the tank is crucial here, not the rest) with me on a train ride, in lieu of a boiler?

That I did. Here's a picture of the stup I used:

I learned quite a few things (everything in metric units, so if you really need to know your feet, convert them ;-) :

1 -
A curve radius of 6 meters is enough for a 4-4-0 in 1:8 scale, provided the gauge is spread 9 mm in the curves. The 6mm I had calculated with caused if not slight binding, at least a lot of friction, so I decided to go 3 mm wider. This still leaves a few mm of tread of every wheel on the track in the curves. And it works nicely - some slight squeaking noises, though...

2 -
The simple, welded track design works well. The rail is 10 x 10 mm, the sleepers are 5 x 25 mm. Laid on a gravel driveway or a well-cut lawn, there were no problems in running.

3 -
The rather rougly made turnout (shown on my website, same materials as above) functioned without a hitch.

4 -
The loco has power enough - I didn't even dare to try to maximize the speed - with the throttle (i.e. the compressor's valve) barely cracked, the loco took off like a dart. Of course, as the pressure in the tank dropped, the power diminished. I still will have to adjust the valve timing a bit - the rhythm of the exhaust beats is a little syncopated...

5 -
The filled tank of the compressor, (25 litres) at 8 bars pressure, sufficed for a run of a little under 100 meters - the whole track back and forth, and a little more. The tank manometer was at 2 bars after the run, at which pressure there was no torque left. So, I needed 6x25=150 litres of air for the trip. Is this equivalent to 150 litres of steam? And if boiling water expands 1500 times when it becomes steam, does this mean I have to evaporate 100 ml of water for a 100 meter trip? Endless questions...

6 -
The planned track design will have to be altered. The "proposed" 5 % grade will be impossible for the loco to negotiate. The 2% of the driveway was OK, but needed a steady hand on the throttle to prevent slipping. Note that I have the experimental flash boiler as a dead weight, to increase adhesion. So, the conclusion of this experiment is: I've redrawn the track to avoid that one bump on the lot...

Note that I have included a crossing in this design - without it, I could not get a very interesting layout in this cramped space. The four turnouts will enable me to vary the route and direction in many different ways.

Oh, and I might as well show you the first step in the construction of the tender tank:

I soft-soldered the pieces together, and have tested the tank - no leaks!

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