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My fleet of trains, so to speak:

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The 3003 and "Little Beast" side by side:

Even though they are the same 1:8 (1.5"/ft.) scale, the size difference is very apparent, the 0-6-0- being of a 40 year later vintage. "Quickie", the little motorized plywood box, sits quietly in the background:

There is still some work to be done on the 0-6-0: The water and lubrication pumps, brake valves etc. The boiler cladding and smokebox saddle front are missing in these pictures, too.

A few days later, I had installed the water pumps:

Very simple construction, the pump bodies, containing two stainless steel ball valves, are connected to the piston rod sheaths with a union, as are the water supply (lower) and pressurized feedwater lines (upper).

Since they are hidden behind the buffer beam, it will be hard to see the pumps and tubing when they're all painted black...

Incidentally, those headlights are small, 6 V 5W halogen parabolic "bulbs", intended for Xmas decorations. The casings are made of copper-nickel tubing, what else... ;-)

A couple of days later later, two more pictures - as you can see, there's now a hand brake on the propane car:

The loco is now in a "continuously runnable condition", even though the water pumps are a bit too effective - I'll make a bypass valve this coming week, and fix a leaking pipe union that prevented the use of the new steam brake...

There were no problems with adhesion or tractive effort with the load pictured here, (i.e. engineer + two hefty adults, totalling approx. 250 kgs / 550 lbs), on the 4% upgrade, even though the tracks were all wet after a heavy rain! (The unmowed grass added a bit of track lubrication, too... ;-)

I could induce slipping by opening the throttle quickly, but that's really not necessary, since the loco has stamina enough to pull this load s-l-o-w-l-y up that grade...

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