Safety valves

The two safety valves for this loco are of the same type as for the 3003 - i.e. stainless steel ball pop valves. Here are all except one of the parts for one of the valves - only the cup directing the steam upwards is missing.

The cup is here soldered to the valve body, and a valve release lever is added to one of the valves, here semi-assembled.

The two valves screwed onto the steam dome top.

A portrai of the loco as of March 27th, 2004. The domes and boiler cladding are painted and attached - but I'll have to disassemble everything again when I start to build the interior parts of the boiler and the cab...
At the moment, I'm working on the feed pumps - a rather strange design, since they are driven by the piston rod front guides!

A couple of 3-dimensional pictures of the loco, to watch them you need a pair of "anaglyph" 3D-glasses, or, just a piece of red and green plastic foil. Red in front of your left eye!

For more about 3D-photography and filming, see my "Animato" website!

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