Details, details....

  Well, it's a whole month since the last update, so here are a few pics:


  There are now wrappers around the cylinders, the number plates are attached as well as other small things...

... such as the front coupler hook and turnbuckle.

I've also done the smokebox detailing and attached a step below the now painted buffer beam. (The step was essential when doing shunting work, since the couplers are anything but automatic... ;-)

And yes, the cab is now painted on the inside, too. I used zinc paint as a primer, to avoid rust. The cab roof is also painted with a durable, dark grey metallic hammer-finsih paint - not exactly prototype, but it looks god and takes the wear of oily, grimy hands pretty well. (I used the same roof paint on the 3003..)

The cylinders finally got their cosmetic covers - here is the right-hand cylinder assembly, seen from the rear...

... and the left hand cylinder attached to the loco, seen from the front. The drain cocks are also attached.

As you can see, I've not been very active in the workshop these past few weeks - but I've done some planning and thinking instead... because the next major step is really the beginning of getting the loco to run on its own power:


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