Fabrication of the cylinders and valves, part I

A friendly soul donated some copper-nickel tubing (from 10 to 108 mm, i.e. < 1/2" to > 4" diameter) that I'm using everywhere I need something round in my loco...

The valve liners, milled and polished. They're made to exactly 1/8 the size of the prototype - I have a nice schematic drawing of the valves and all relevant measurements of the original loco!

This will become a piston. I've threaded and silver soldered a chunk of brass to the piston rod, so I can be sure everything will be concentric.

The parts for the two cylinder groups. Note the piston O-ring (Viton) and the two-part piston rod (dia. 8 and 6 mm stainless steel). The front piston guide rod will be a ram in a water pump, hidden in the guide rod sheath!

Milling the end plates on the rotary table. I must have made half a gallon of fluffy brass chips...

Milling a steam channel all around, using a woodruff cutter.

The pair of end plates will keep the tubes in alignment. Steam channels and pipes are yet to be made.

Test assembling an unfinished cylinder group on the loco...

... to be continued!

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