... and not so slowly

Well, a few more days in the workshop, and several things have appeared on the loco:

First, the link block hangers and the lifting mechanism.

The bearings were time-consuming to make, since they have to look like castings - so, several brass pieces, cut with a baby bandsaw, were silver brazed together. The silver solder gives nice fillets, imitating the roundness in the original castings. The bearings will of course eventually be painted.

Then some stuff that is hidden under the frame - no need to absolutely imitate the prototype's design here, except functionally, of course. This brass turnbuckle is in the brake rigging. (I finally got a pair of left-hand taps and dies!)

Another turnbuckle - two are needed to balance the brake forces between the wheels. The levers in the brake rigging makes the braking effective: pushing the actuating lever (top right) with just my index finger, the wheels lock and slide when I try to roll the engine on the track!

Twenty-two holes evenly spaced in the smoke box front - the rotary table was invaluable, here!

The buffers aren't yet finished, the casings are still missing.

And finally, a test mock-up of the cab and the boiler - now this starts to look like a little switcher engine!

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